Smith Bros is a power pop trio that formed under
the bond that Pat Dollenmayer and Mike Clark had
over the love of A.M. pop radio.  Hearing anything
from The Hollies to The Raspberries on A.M. radio
fueled a love for power pop and hook laden songs
that drove Mike and Pat to form a band to play in
that style.  Smith Bros is now influenced by many
power pop bands that are out today as well as the
power pop groups that played in the 70’s and 80’s.  
Mike plays bass and sings, Pat plays guitar and
sings, and they are rounded out with Kris Phillips on
drums.  They write original music that is compared
to anything that is Brit Rock to Teenage Fanclub
and Fountains of Wayne.  Smith Bros has released
an independent CD titled “Lost”, and released their
second album titled "Restless" in october 2008.  They
are currently writing for the third album expected
out in fall 2011.